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Originally Posted by derickyan View Post
So basically I am talking about a doubles match I played today. I think the number one reason why is lost is because his volleys were good and how he kept smashing. Usually he would stand in front and middle of the net and his partner in back. After the serve, i would use some topspin and hit it cross court, but since he is always in the middle, He would always some how smash the ball. I tried to lob less and hit it lower but his volleys would kill me.
Sorry this is kind of long, but any tips how i could get the ball through him?
It depends. If he starts in the middle then they are playing I formation. There are techniques for dealing with that. OTOH if he lines up normally then moves to the middle after the serve is struck, that is poaching and there are different ways of dealing with that.

So which is it?
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