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Originally Posted by pdx_tennisplayer View Post
I had a 70% tear in the Supraspinatus and had surgery in June 2010. I came back to USTA tennis about 9 months later, just playing doubles only. I've been religious about continuing my PT and keeping the entire shoulder structure strong including Scapular Stabilization exercises.

Plan on a month of horrible sleep while you wear the sling but after that, things will improve.

For me, it wasn't the sleep that got to me. It was taking the shower that irritated me. Couldn't really use my right arm, and my left arm simply doesn't bend that way. I felt like half of my body was dirty until I had a decent amount of ROM back.

Learning how to brush my teeth with my off-arm, you won't believe how many times I jabbed my gums.

Appreciating the minute tasks done with the harmony of both arms. It annoyed me when the bowl would move along with my use of the utensils. Cutting a steak only to have the plate move with my slicing motion, so I wasn't really cutting the steak. -.-

Wearing/removing clothes and pants. Especially the pants. You wouldn't think about it, but try pulling up your pants with just one arm.

Tying shoelaces just didn't happen. I wore slip-ons exclusively. Or I just jammed my foot into an already tied sneakers. Usually works, but when it didn't work, roommates would see my "dance of frustration" trying to get my foot in.
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