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Originally Posted by Mitch Bridge View Post
If the players would play for their local school instead of the loaded school, the dual matches would be a lot more exciting. They would rather win state titles without any close matches instead of playing each other. Fun but not good for their tennis or good for the sport.
They do play for the local school. It's just that the local school is a gigantic high school that covers several of the wealthiest suburbs in the Chicago area. There are also country clubs everywhere in their jurisdiction. Them and Hinsdale Central (to the west of Chicago) have dominated Illinois high school tennis dating back to the 1970s.

In 2011, New Trier's lineup featured 4 blue-chips (Robert Stineman, the two Hiltziks, and Thomas Fawcett) and a ton of 3-4 star recruits. Hinsdale Central has also been loaded with top recruits (for example, three top 100 recruits for 2015 go there).

Considering that two public high schools from jurisdictions with about 80,000 residents combined manage to consistently produce Division 1 starters, it makes you really question how few people people nationwide play upper-level tennis. If tennis were cheaper and people could play at the rate that they do in those cities, the US would dominate the world tennis scene, even in 2013.
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