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Originally Posted by timnz View Post
Are you including the Rye tournament Bobby? But that wasn't an official tournament was it? But if you did include that, wouldn't that mean that for Borg's total we include tournaments like the Tokyo Suntory Cup? (you could also throw in for Borg some or all of (Goteborg Scandinavian Cup, Copenhagen Pondus Cup, Menton French Riviera Invitational, Frejus Arena Trophy)). Certainly the Rye tournament wasn't of more stature than the Suntory Cup?
It's a good point, timnz. Borg played so many events that are not official, it's a big question what to include.

We can easily list everything that Borg played in matches considered official by the ATP today. It's a little harder to get a full list of everything that Borg and Vilas played, but the records exist. I think PC1 has a full record of Borg's matches; and maybe all his matches are on Wikipedia already, somewhere (I haven't checked).

I'm just saying, it would be good to have complete lists of all matches played, and to see what the winning streaks would be then (they might be shorter or longer). From that point you could begin cutting "exos" out, and perhaps cutting everything non-official out so we know what the "official" winning streaks are.

That would make a lot of lists; but I just think it would be great to have an easily accessible list of all matches played for Borg and Vilas in the seasons in question. Once everything is on the table, you could begin sorting it out.
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