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Totally depends on which school you are going to. I went to Gustavus in the 90's which runs a pretty intense program. They carry 30 players and the time commitment for the top guys is similar to d1. We traveled a ton, from February to mid-May we had matches every weekend. The spring season was short ending in mid-October. During the off-season guys played tournaments, and practiced on their own. The challenge matches were as intense as the real ones. Don't forget that your coaches will have a huge impact on your experience. I had an awesome coach who would have done anything for you on or off the court. I am in my mid-30's and an a coach now, not for a school, but a teaching pro.

d3 tennis IMO is playing at higher level than ever, it's a lot deeper. I recommend a website called It's updated regularly, and if you read it, you'll be an expert on d3tennis nationally.

If your school is not competing nationally, you can still have a great's really what d3 is all about...having fun, learning about yourself, traveling, making lifelong friends. Some of my best friends now are guys from the team...and guys from other schools too. I am playing a former teammate tomorrow morning...and it's gonna be a of luck
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