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Well, from what I have gathered from Florida State University professor Anders Ericsson's studies (on expertise in domains such as typing, memory, chess, violin, medical diagnosis, and many sports) and Doyles studies on successful hothousing institutions, incl Spartak tennis academy in Moscow, Russia:

Most important is
a) correct instruction-data from a coach (be it verbal or visual)
b) practice, practice, practice - with goals and in chunks, maybe in slo motion, or with closed eyes at times
c) monitoring and feedback on how it goes
d) continuous fine-tuning by further advice from the coach, then b) and c) again until the skill becomes automated (...and at that point we may go more by feel, rhythm, 'instinct'....)

All this in an environment of full concentration. This practice is not always "fun".
Fundamental to all this is the desire and motivation of the student to really learn and master the subject.

With this as a standard I think Robert Landsdorphs s way is a bit closer to that than the guided learning video methodology.
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