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Originally Posted by will3689 View Post
So i have played tennis on and off for about 10 years but only this last couple of years started taking it more seriously- entering tournaments, playing almost every day etc. I am an athletic 23 year old and have always been pretty healthy but this last few months i feel like im 50 something!! My back aches every morning, my elbow hurts for the first 10 minutes of hitting, ive had pain in my shoulder, ive recently pulled my groin so cant play at all now! why is this happening? What do you guys do to prevent aches/ injuries?
It could be just one of those phases where you rack up injuries like they're nothing.

However, at 23 you should NOT be having back aches EVERY morning. I'm 27 and I play anywhere from 5-7 days a week on top of gym time (2-4 days). I had an episode of back spasms that essentially knocked me out for 2months when I was ~24-25, and I went into rehab to strengthen my core.

But to answer your question about preventing injuries, here's what I do:
- Though I play A LOT, I don't underestimate the benefits of adequate rest and recovery. Every half a year or so, I take an extended break from the game (~2-4 weeks). On top of that, it gives my mind a break and study the game and come back with a different perspective.
- Stay flexible, I spend about ~15-20minutes stretching when I'm at the gym.
- Stay strong in the core.
- Lastly, I listen to my body. If something starts to ache, I'd shut it down before it gets worse.

But a bad back at 23 on every morning? I suggest you have it checked out because you should not be getting back problems when you're in your 20's. I did however, and I got it fixed. I suggest you do the same.
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