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Originally Posted by tennis_ocd View Post
That's tough to beat. $15 for an hour of hitting and they provide the balls and free court. Contrast this with lugging a machine, balls, racket, pick-up and finding a free court (and you need several as to not interfere with anyone.)

I got a machine when learning and loved it. The more I played and found hitting partners, the less and less I've used it. It is work!
Hitting partners are vital. My machine has been an attempt to get back into the game without having to find a lot of partners. But tonight I hit with a live person and it was a different story. My basic budget machine does very little as far as mimicking actual play. But I love my machine and feel like it was a good investment. I have a nice setup where I don't have to transport it. That would be a pain and actually very difficult to do at all since I ride a scooter.
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