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Originally Posted by will3689 View Post
Thanks for all the helpful comments people. I do stretch before playing but almost definitely not enough. Just a couple if minutes of dynamic stretching. I do need to get my back sorted out!! I used to do quite a lot of weight training and think I've picked this up from that. Thinking about it there is never a day I do nothing so I probably just need a rest. My racquet is a babolat aero pro drive (the original one) I do have a one handed backhand although its mainly serving that hurts my elbow so could be just bad serving technique
It's always refreshing to hear someone question their own technique/fitness versus blaming their equipment by default.

Though a lot of people say the Aero Pro Drive line is not elbow friendly (I've never used one, so I can't say from experience).

I don't know what your built is, but big bulky muscles do you no good in tennis. It robs you of your flexibility and places more stress on your muscles. Lastly, I'd strive for joint and muscle balance so nothing is overwhelmed by their counterpart. For example:

Knee joint - The quads common overwhelms the hamstrings (good way to pull a hammy that way ). Also, stressed/tight hamstrings is a sure fire way of back problems!
Shoulder - Internal rotators overwhelming the external rotators.
Upper arm - Triceps overwhelming the biceps.

Lastly, rest
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