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Originally Posted by redduck996 View Post
Lakers4Life, I noticed you recommended the 6pt but have the 2pt. Are you saying if you had to do it again you would go with the 6pt and why? I am torn between the two
I own a 2-point, because that's what was available (used) at the time. Though I don't mind having a 2-point it has it's advantages and dis-advantages. That's probably the reason why I still own it, but would gladly trade up in a heartbeat.

Some complain that a 6 point, the side supports blocks grommet holes. Those people are just mounting the rackets wrong, IMHO. Albeit, the Gamma does have wide side supports. My Sensor has a 6 point mounting system, but the towers are fixed, and are limited to mainly tennis rackets. Another reason why I keep the Gamma.

More or less it's personal preference, both systems work fine, and both systems have some slight dis-advantages.
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