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Originally Posted by eastbayliz View Post
Hitting partners are vital. My machine has been an attempt to get back into the game without having to find a lot of partners. But tonight I hit with a live person and it was a different story. My basic budget machine does very little as far as mimicking actual play. But I love my machine and feel like it was a good investment. I have a nice setup where I don't have to transport it. That would be a pain and actually very difficult to do at all since I ride a scooter.
The guy I got my machine from was rich, in a neighborhood where all the surrounding houses had a tennis court. He was a retiree and did not need the machine anymore, because he did not need to practice by himself. So he gave it away, I just happen to be the first person to answer his ad. Though the caveat was it was "as is" no warranty, I told him, "Beggers can't be choosers!" and we both laughed. I could have probably gotten the battery cheaper than what I paid for it (directly from Lobster). At least I was able to use it right away.
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