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[QUOTE=tommyfr;7253773]All this in an environment of full concentration. This practice is not always "fun".
Fundamental to all this is the desire and motivation of the student to really learn and master the subject.QUOTE]

i think that the desire to master a subject, in our case tennis, is something a coach needs to work on with most of his students. it doesn´t come natural for everybody.
i liked Ash´s definition of the difference between teaching and coaching.
i think coaching is a lot about helping people to acquire skills and to make them their own.
for that aim i ask lots of questions, like ´do you like the way that shot
felt?´, ´is it better that way?´, ´do you have more control?´ .......
it seems basic but it really works to make my students part of the team.
and move them away from what they might otherwise perceive as a classroom, with me as the teacher and them as the pupils.
i work a lot with kids, and i´ve found to my astonishment, that kids who could hardly concentrate before are now actively working with me on the common goal to make them better players.

regarding Lansdorp, if good coaching is effective coaching than his method must be good, given the results that he had.
not sure if he bothers to change his style to accomodate different pupils.
he comes across as someone who might say, this is my way, take it or leave it
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