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You can google just about any player and see some portion of his training on video.

It is impressive just how hard they train.

Here's how a Scot trains:

Andy Murray Footwork Training On Grass 2012

Core excercise with Andy Murray

Fitness Work 2007 and 2008

Miami training block 1

There seems to be a preponderance of outdoor training. (No surprise as most pros keep their gym work a "secret" so as not to let the competition know exactly what they are up to.)

Still, you can get hints at their indoor work from articles such as this:
Andy Murray's strength workout

And hints at their running training with articles such as this:
Andy Murray's track session

Of course they all work with trainers and are constantly changing their routines based on schedule/ time off until the next tounament, health/soreness, and adjustments to address "relative weaknesses".

What type of training are you doing?

Is it something like this?
Sports Fitness Advisor Tennis Training Section

Are you doing ten consecutive 400 meter runs at 85 second intervals like Andy?

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