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Originally Posted by heycal View Post
Perhaps my back does round a bit when I cross my legs? I wonder if this could be a big contributor? Or unlikely...?

As for weightlifting, one reason I'm reluctant to stop is because I followed that advice about a year ago for similar problems in my neck. Two months of zero lifting or hard exercise changed nothing. (Nothing seemed to help much but time -- eventually it gradually changed from chronic soreness to chronic stiffness and I'm like "deal! I can live with this after what I was used to.")

Also, I only do body weight squats for about three minutes every 3 days, and have never done a deadlift in my life. My routine in addition to the body weight squats is basically 2 sets chins, 2 sets seated rows, 2 sets barbell press and 2 sets machine press every 72 hours, trying to use good form and using a weight that makes me fail around 7 or 8 reps.

I could be fooling myself thinking it's not contributing to the problem, but it really doesn't seem like too much, ya know?
Seeing your exercise program I am in agreement with you that it is unlikely contributing to your back pain.

But it does seem to lack a specific back strength program - I guess that is largely in part what you are looking for here.

It would seem that quite a few suggestions have been given here.
Again, looking at many of the back programs, most have more similarities than differences.

The key would seem to start with a fairly "simple" set of back exercises that would not aggravate your condition as you start to gain increased flexibility and strength of the para-spinal musclces.
Such a group would include those from the Mayo Clinic back exercise regimen:
Slide show: Back exercises in 15 minutes a day
(Actually, I assume you are doing a similar program under the direction of your physical therapist.)
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