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Tennis leads to muscle imbalances.

Your "hitting muscles" get stronger and stronger from all that ball bashing.

Your whole dominant side gets stronger and stronger - pulling your back out of alignment.

To play as much as you do, you need an off court program to continue to play and not be plagued by a series of overuse injuries.

(And yes, you need more rest now, and to build more rest into your program.)

Here is a minimal off court program that should help:
Thrower's Ten Exercises:
Tennis Weight Training - Exercises of Weight Training for Tennis
Tennis Elbow: Step-By-Step Instructions For Treating Elbow Pain Using A Flexbar (Tyler Twist)

You mention you used to do fairly heavy weight training.

To prevent overuse injuries you don't have to "lift heavy". Even fairly minor increases in strength - especially in your non-hitting/non-dominant side muscles - can help prevent overuse injuries.
(Of course if you have the time, or have an offseason, getting even stronger can help build up more of a reserve for the long tennis season.)

Here's a good source if you want a balanced training program that will take more time:
Sports Fitness Advisor Tennis Training Section:

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