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Originally Posted by forzamilan90 View Post
You seriously going to find a place for this guy in the top 10 with following candidates in mind? Federer, Laver, Sampras, Gonzales, Tilden, Borg, Rosewall, Nadal, Lendl, Connors, Agassi, McEnroe, Newcombe, Perry, Emerson, Lacoste, Budge, Djokovic? Becker? Edberg? Wilander? Come on now even top 15 is really pushing it. I've read your comment wars with a pretty good idea any argument I throw your way wom't make a difference, Hoad is greatest thing since sliced bread.

P.s. laver ranked him at 1 for pre open era, not overall.
Laver ranked him ahead of Gonzales, Rosewall, Tilden, Newcombe, Perry, Emerson, Lacoste, Budge, Kramer. Who am I (or you, for that matter) to argue with Laver, who played against Hoad many times and lost two tours against him?

Rosewall's list in 2010.
1) Hoad
2) Gonzales
3) Laver
4) Federer

Rosewall is a very astute judge.
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