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Originally Posted by charliefedererer View Post
Tennis leads to muscle imbalances.

Your "hitting muscles" get stronger and stronger from all that ball bashing.

Your whole dominant side gets stronger and stronger - pulling your back out of alignment.

To play as much as you do, you need an off court program to continue to play and not be plagued by a series of overuse injuries.

(And yes, you need more rest now, and to build more rest into your program.)

Here is a minimal off court program that should help:
Thrower's Ten Exercises:
Tennis Weight Training - Exercises of Weight Training for Tennis
Tennis Elbow: Step-By-Step Instructions For Treating Elbow Pain Using A Flexbar (Tyler Twist)

You mention you used to do fairly heavy weight training.

To prevent overuse injuries you don't have to "lift heavy". Even fairly minor increases in strength - especially in your non-hitting/non-dominant side muscles - can help prevent overuse injuries.
(Of course if you have the time, or have an offseason, getting even stronger can help build up more of a reserve for the long tennis season.)

Here's a good source if you want a balanced training program that will take more time:
Sports Fitness Advisor Tennis Training Section:
Another great post by charlie, to the op follow this advise and you should be fine.
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