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Originally Posted by will3689 View Post
Thanks for all the helpful comments people. I do stretch before playing but almost definitely not enough. Just a couple if minutes of dynamic stretching. I do need to get my back sorted out!! I used to do quite a lot of weight training and think I've picked this up from that. Thinking about it there is never a day I do nothing so I probably just need a rest. My racquet is a babolat aero pro drive (the original one) I do have a one handed backhand although its mainly serving that hurts my elbow so could be just bad serving technique
Babolat racquets, in general, are bit hard on the arm (shoulder, elbow, wrist). The AeroPro Drive is rather stiff and may not have enough frame shock dampening or enough frame shock isolation to prevent a lot of frame shock from getting to your arm. Stiff strings, like polyester strings, can exacerbate the problem. What string and string tension are you using?

I had some lower back problems in my late 20s and early 30s from weight training. Badminton and, to a lesser degree, tennis added to the problem. I improved my weight lifting techniques/practices and the problem subsided. Have experienced very few lower back problems from my late 30s thru my early 60s (now).
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