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Just a quick update. I've gotten a feel for some of my demos and thought I'd share. I'll rate each in order from most favored to least favorite in each category. Pretty much any Gut/Poly plays pretty good, so it's like trying to choose your favorite son, a tough task for sure. In all cases my mains are Babolat Tonic 15L. Tension is 54/50, in 4 identical Donnay P1's.

Gut/PolyFire HiTec 18: This super comfy18 was a lifesaver when I was battling my TE, but now that I'm doing better, and have dropped my tension from 58/54 to 54/50, I'm able to hit comfortably with a bit stiffer crosses. I've also noticed that it bags out after the tension drops and it's a bit slow on the snap back, or does not snap back at all. It's for sure a bit tackier to the touch. I think for all of those reasons, control suffers when it ages. Kind of like an expensive Rip Control. Feels great at first, but response gets kind of inconsistent with age. Every once in a while you get a ball that lands long with slightly less spin that feels like a winner when you hit it.

Gut/MB, Gut/Yonex : I'm currently having a tough time choosing between the Yonex and Mosquito Bite, I like them both, with the Yonex maybe a hair more consistent response, but with Mosquito bite a bit more comfy, and slight more spinny. I get a nice catch and release feel with MB, and a bit cleaner feel with the Yonex. However, I'll confess that a few times I've grabbed the wrong racquet after a sit down change over and didn't notice for a few points. Both really similar imo, and both really good crosses. MB was highly recco'd by several forum members who's opinions I trust. The new Yonex string has been getting stellar reviews over at the stringforum. I expected to be pleased and neither string disappointed.

Gut/Co-Focus: Was my go to fave for about 8-10 months last year, and have been trying other options the last 2-3 months. In my mind, it's the gold standard that I compare everything else to. Now that I'm trying it again side by side with other strings at the same time, what seems really obvious to me is that with COF, the rebound angle seems noticeably higher than all the other set ups. Logic dictates that my response should be to close the racquet face slightly. Closing the racquet face would create more spin. (Perhaps that scenario is why this string is so often praised for it's spin potential). But I dunno, right now I am so grooved to a different string, with a different rebound angle, that the COF just seems kind of "wild" feeling to me now. When the balls are popping off high and long, that's when I get nervous about hitting out, and that's when my stroke slows down, not a good series of adjustments. I'm sure that with some time I could find my co-focus groove again, but I'm liking the both the Yonex and the MB just a tad better, and I see the the balls diving down into the court pretty hard in either case.

I'll be demoing Gosen Sidewinder and Gosen PolyMaster next.

1. WC Mosquito Bite 18
2. MSV Co - Focus 17L
3. Yonex Poly Pro Tour 16
4. Polyfiber Poly Hitec 18

1. Polyfiber Hitec
2. Mosquito Bite
3. Yonex
4. Co-Focus

1. Yonex, or Mosquito Bite (Tough Call)
2. Co-Focus
3. Poly Fibre HiTec

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