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Originally Posted by heycal View Post
Well, I don't intend to sit cross legged any more if I can help it. The thing is, no one ever mentioned this to me...

What exactly are the pros and cons of recliners, or reclining on the couch? Still unclear on that one.
Crossing your legs should be self-explanatory - it makes your hips and lower back sit unevenly and adds untold extra tension/pressure to certain points on one side more than the other.

So far as lying on recliners. Most slump too much (so you don't slide down I guess) and so load up the compression on your lower back in an unnatural way. This can causes hypertrophy or atrophy of the various muscles around your hips/back and, generally, adds to back issues.

Many people also sit on them not lined up with the TV - the TV is usually out to one side - so most people spend their time leaning one way, meaning more uneven pressure down the torso/spine/hips.
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