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Originally Posted by BobbyOne View Post
Forza, As I have tried to convince Dan in several posts, Laver and Rosewall made their lists obviously considering peak play not achievements. Regarding achievements Hoad is never a top ten player of course.
Laver I think did it right splitting the pre open era and open era into two (the other list with Fed, Sampras, etc.). Even then Hoad as number 1 in pre open era, however, is probably due to similar time period of Laver, and peer respect (like Murray or Djokovic a few times saying Nadal is GOAT or whatever after a tough match to him, when he is nowhere near that, especially with another player who is still active and is the best candidate for that). I think they probably say that out of respect for Hoad, or what could have been, but even then that's overtly generous. Hoad ain't the only man to have a scary peak form, or win 3 slams in a year and make the final of another, or have a really solid overall great year, or be hampered by injuries, have unfulfilled potential etc.
Yeah, Laver's lists are a bit more logical, although not perfect. The Rosewall one, pretty poor. That's my opinion. I wonder what'd they say if we polled them right now on the spot, especially interested in what Rosewall has to say....Laver's a homie.
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