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Originally Posted by Tropikal_Knights View Post
Indeed it is extremely helpful. And I am very grateful for it.

The most difficult part about being used to exercise almost every day of your life is being immobile to an extent. Not being able to sweat it out if you get my point.

My present condition is that today I have iced it for around 20 minutes (2 sessions of 10 minutes) and it seems to have improved abit .The pain has gone down but the tightness is there. Back of my thigh and slight tightness on the front. I just want that tightness to go away. I am abit worried about it.

I really want to go jogging tomorrow. A light job of around a mile and a half and a light workout tomorrow. But I AM abit hesitant about it as I feel maybe I should ice it for a couple of more days and maybe go for a light walk on friday.

I dont know if staying of exercise weakens that muscle further or whether I should do some light exercise to strengthen it such as light running or jogging......I am stuck in between.
Oh, I can completely understand about feeling stuck in between! I'm 29 and also consider myself an athlete and if I miss a workout I feel like its an opportunity lost.

In your case, however, you cannot deny that you've suffered an injury and its important to let it heal and be pain free before you can train your lower limbs again. I won't lie, you will lose *some* of your fitness from rest but you can either rest it properly and build up your fitness again when you're healthy or you can try to maintain your cardio fitness at the risk of reinjury and even more prolonged time off court. I've had several past injuries including complicated ankle sprains, stress fractures, wrist tendinopathy, pulled muscles, cramps and recently shin splints. While I've gotten away a few times taking the risk and continuing to exercise, I've learned the hard way that more often then not I just reinjure myself. I'm horrible at actually taking my own advice so now I just go see a sports physiotherapist and follow his expert instruction on rehabilitation and return-to-play.

You can also take this opportunity when you're not playing to focus on other things such as your diet, school or work, movies, or online shopping.

The good news is that reconditioning in previously conditioned athletes is achieved very quickly and much much faster than in persons who are trying to condition themselves after many months/years as a couch potato.

Regarding your update, its good that the pain is subsiding, keep icing it even more (20min, 4x a day if you can) until its pain free and start walking like charliefederer suggests. The tightness is normal as its caused by a combination of inflammation, scar tissue formation and your body's defense mechanism to protect the injured area. It should go away on its own but if its still tight after you're pain free, you might consider using a foam roller or getting a remedial massage. Keep us posted!
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