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Originally Posted by forzamilan90 View Post
Laver I think did it right splitting the pre open era and open era into two (the other list with Fed, Sampras, etc.). Even then Hoad as number 1 in pre open era, however, is probably due to similar time period of Laver, and peer respect (like Murray or Djokovic a few times saying Nadal is GOAT or whatever after a tough match to him, when he is nowhere near that, especially with another player who is still active and is the best candidate for that). I think they probably say that out of respect for Hoad, or what could have been, but even then that's overtly generous. Hoad ain't the only man to have a scary peak form, or win 3 slams in a year and make the final of another, or have a really solid overall great year, or be hampered by injuries, have unfulfilled potential etc.
Yeah, Laver's lists are a bit more logical, although not perfect. The Rosewall one, pretty poor. That's my opinion. I wonder what'd they say if we polled them right now on the spot, especially interested in what Rosewall has to say....Laver's a homie.
No, not out of generosity or friendship. Not even close.
Answer this. How many players were able to convince Gonzales that they were better than he was? Laver? Rosewall? Kramer? No, only one player.
That should make you think a bit. Gonzales never gave anything away unless it was earned, as Hoad earned it in 1958 and 1959, two better years than Laver or Fed ever enjoyed.
Number one in money and tournament points both years, against the toughest field ever assembled.
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