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Default which Donnay ProOne Ltd Edt is this?

Hi guys, need some help to identify this ProOne Ltd SuperMidSize that I have for sometime now.
Its usually in my bag sitting in the corner but since inspired by the migration thread on the racquets section I took this out and gave it more play time. I quite like it and think it is only fair I give it due respect find out the history behind this particular frame

Understand the Pro One Limited are 100% graphite and made originally for Borg (for his return) ... but this particular one I got here, is it the Made in Belgium version or the Made in Taiwan version? Which year was this produced? I tried searching here and other google sources but the other Limited Edts I come across are in different paint jobs. Mostly in darker blue... if not similar newsprint but with green paint on the top of the hoop rather than the purple I got on mine. My PJ here is usually seen on the OS versions but not the Super MS

Appreciate any feedback as usual


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