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Originally Posted by heycal View Post
Well, I don't intend to sit cross legged any more if I can help it. The thing is, no one ever mentioned this to me, nor did I remember any mention of it in the various back books I just read. It just kind of dawned on me on my own as a potential source of of trouble about 2 days ago.

What exactly are the pros and cons of recliners, or reclining on the couch? Still unclear on that one.
crossing the legs doesn't need to be harmful. furthermore there's no one position that's perfect or dangerous as long as you keep in mind symmetry and balance. any one position kept too long is bad. even if it's the perfect position. gotta move, change, and stretch.

make sure to cross both sides. learn how to control your pelvis angles and balance. if you tend to tilt back a lot consciously tilt forward. move and stretch the pelvis a lot in all six directions. rotate left and right, tilt front and back, tilt to each side. and all the combinations of two and three directions. if you are slouched in a couch for too long stretch to the other direction. that sense of awareness and balance is far more important than any perfect posture. later on the resting state posture comes into effect but initially moving and stretching more is the most important.
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