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Originally Posted by Lakers4Life View Post
Julian, What are the recommended stringing instruction for Monogut ZX Pro?

I wait at least 5 seconds before clamping the string? Someone suggested longer. Also What is the recomended tension? It's stated that MGZXP should be strung 5-10% lower than normal, similar to what poly is recomended to be strung at.
I can give you the 10 tips for stringing Monogut ZX / Pro that are now included with each set. Any sets that left the factory before December would not have these instructions.

1. Don't pull knots too tight.
2. Don't scrape or nick string. Be careful when using a starting clamp anywhere on the string.
3. Allow time for string to elongate under tension. Count to ten (10).
4. Use slower tensioning speed on electronic machines. Fifty (50) % suggested.
5. String with at least 10% less tension than nylon strings.
6. Don't apply over 60 lbs tension.
7. For poly players use prestretch for muted response.
8. Be careful with sharpe tools.
9. When using double action clamps release the base first.
10. Check the racquet grommets for excessive wear.
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