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Originally Posted by ruerooo View Post
OMG. I didn't know they gave him the number one seed. *dies*

Coach Juanqui must be pitching a fit right about now.
Either that or he's plotting how to get his underdog to the final to triumph. No wonder Nico is looking so lean and mean.

(Did I tell you I saw him running cooldown laps after his match with Johnny Isner at that exho in Miami? I was like "Okay, podperson, who are you and what have you done with Nico?")
LOL ... guess that means he's lookin' yummy!
I've been so out of it that I didnt even notice about the exho ... so who won that match?

Yeah that seeding thing during the South American Swing was, to say the least, unusual ... nothing exoting at Inian Wells ... Rafa's currently world no. 5 in the rankings and is seeded no. 5

Nico's seeded no. 11 ... Isner seeded no. 15

Rafa will no doubt receive his usual hero's cheering section!
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