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Originally Posted by G-Man View Post
So what are the best tennis camps for adults? Not interested in the juniors, so please comment on the adult programs only. I'm a 4.5 tournament player looking to get to the next level, so not looking to waste my time in the typical pro + 4 people on the court stuff. Seeking personal attention, videotape analysis, serious drills, the works.

Heard Nick B is way overrated, especially for adults, and maybe Saddlebrook as well. Heard Sanchez-Casal or Extreme Tennis might be better ideas. What do you guys say? Thank you.
I hear ya for sure...not some typical adult camp. Your level is tough to accommodate...not too many of you out there. I travel with a team at my level and do it at a spot in Barcelona and another one in Mallorca - Global with one of Rafa's & Moya's coaches there. Not to dork out but many times I'm in tears at the end of a session cause I'm so rejuvenated and hearing things on court I've never heard before. I love how the spanish coaches work more with the body. Footwork & conditioning, mental, super important there. USA likes good looking strokes. I like that also but at my level I'm past that...I need to keep my head straight on court - think smart, and finish a point in my favor. I'm a teaching pro (blah blah blah) but I require REAL yourself. Not recreational coaches. Good luck and if you need more info...let me know!
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