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Originally Posted by will3689 View Post
I do use polyester strings. What strings are recomended to help prevent problems like this? would using a vibration dampner help? ...
The Babolat frame with polyester strings is probably not an ideal combination. Stiff frame with inadequate shock reduction/isolation with a very stiff string can be a recipe for arm problems. The vibration dampener will not help much, if at all. It is frame/string shock, not string vibration that stresses the arm.

Look for a softer string, perhaps a synthetic gut (nylon). You might check the Strings forum for some ideas. Another possibility is to go with a polyester/nylon hyrbid setup at a very low tension (below 45 lbs). However, it might be best to avoid polyester altogether with your Babolat frame.

Using more leg drive and other corrections to the serve motion should certainly help. Again, make sure that you are not squeezing the handle too tightly.

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