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Originally Posted by Govnor View Post
"A couple years ago, we found a player in PA who self-rated 4.0 while playing for a D1 school (which should be min 5.5), but by the time anyone noticed, he was C rated. He's still 4.0. Of course, he's also only a 4.0/borderline 4.5 player playing for a bad D1 school, but nonetheless, he was allowed to stay 3 levels below his self-rating guideline."

Maybe I'm way off base here, but how can any kid playing for a D1 school be a 4.0/4.5?? That seems impossible.
There are D1 schools that have players who would be 3.0 or 3.5 if allowed to rate that low. The problem is that people are forced to rate above their real level and when someone is shown to actually have lied on their application, the appeal will be denied. This guy who I spoke about above is really a 4.5 level player, but should not have been allowed to rate 4.0. Now that it is discovered that he lied last year, he should be DQ'ed. He should have had to play a year of 5.0 or at least appealed a 5.0 rating. It is a shame, however, that low level D1 players are forced to be at 5.0 or above when no team would take them because they are really a much lower level player than that.
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