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Ahh! Been a while since I've posted here. I had another session last night which went well. Was a very small group so we did more singles stuff than usual. I played pretty well overall. Backhand was a bit suspect, but nothing too bad. Need to work a bit on my slice on that side as it's sitting up more than I'm used to. I also might be switching to a more extreme grip for topspin/drive backhands also. A few years back I was hitting them that way, but since my return I've been playing the more conventional eastern backhand grip.

I've also just about completely fixed my return of serve. I still think it was a bit of reaction and my movement to the ball, but I've totally simplified it now. I still do my split step, but I'm focused on keeping that short swing and blocking the ball back deep. Less to think about I think helps me move a step faster or so
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