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Originally Posted by hollywood9826 View Post
CanI come move into your Neighbors shed? It looks nicer than my house.
It is a nice shed, isn't it? We've got a HOA that, at first, was filled with a bunch of nosey-nellies, intent on keeping up with the Joneses, Jacks and Jills. The shed was built during that period and the neighbors were ultra-concerned with not rocking the boat, so to speak, of the language that said something like the shed had to be of the same "character" as the home (siding, color, roof pitch, blahblahblah). And truthfully, it didn't cost them much more to get the vinyl siding & shutters that turned it into a virtually maintenance-free building. A subsequent owner, with a register electrician father ran service out to it. Sweet!

They were a super-nice family and when we got the devastating news that they were moving, we were glad they got top-dollar for their home, right before the RE crash. They deserved it as the rest of their property was equally as well designed and maintained.

Luckily, the HOA was forced to back off on many of their wacked-out, super "strict" interpretations...and so many of the subsequent "sheds" are nowhere near that nice. Hubs wants one "like that" but "bigger" (of course) we're having to build up the $$ reserves to make it happen. Where are the Man-Cave Crashers when you need 'em?
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