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Originally Posted by forzamilan90 View Post
Video or didn't happen
I guess all those newspaper and magazine reporters were part of a giant conspiracy? Right.

Kramer did not allow the TV cameras access to the big pro tournaments or tours. He was afraid that TV would damage the live gate.
He preferred short-term commercial advantage to the long-term growth of the pro game.

By the way, I guess that Mickey Mantle and Whitey Ford could not have made it to the pros in today's baseball, Palmer and Nicklaus and Player would never make the cut in today's PGA tour, Unitas and Starr would not make starters in today's NFL, Chamberlain and West would be bench players in today's NBA, and Hull and Mahovlich would be minor-league players for today's NHL. I see your point.

Golf, football, baseball, curling, hockey, basketball went the other way, and TV built up a mass audience for professional sports.

You can see some films of Hoad in his prime. The January 1963 Kooyong match against Laver, won by Hoad at 6-3 in the fifth set, has been shown on Australian TV.

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