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Originally Posted by Rickson View Post
Before I became a cop, I was a personal trainer. During my time as a trainer, I've never seen anyone gain any muscle mass while dieting although I've seen what appeared to be muscle gains, but it was just the muscles showing more from lowered bodyfat. How do I know this? I measured their bf and according to the numbers, their muscle mass had not gone up at all.
I have without any reasonable doubt gained lbs and lost fat at the same time. Two yrs ago i trained for 9 month without periodization and in that time i became ripped (i estimate i lost around 10-12 lbs fat) and at the same time my weight went up by about 4 lbs from about 204 lbs to 208 lbs. This was also the first time in my life (at 41) that is lifted for anything longer than one or two weeks. Im not saying that u can continue to produce those stats, but as a novice lifter many people have genes that allow this.
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