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Originally Posted by Indio View Post
How are some of these players judged to be "not a weak link"? In order to be considered a very good player, in my opinion, a player has to do a fair bit of winning. There are twelve names here. How many events were annually played in those days to permit that many players to build up such impressive records that they would be considered top tier? If you look at Open era stats, it seems that usually four to six players do the majority of the serious damage in any given year.
Where would one be able to find good information on 1950s and 1960s tennis?
Thanks for asking, I have some information for you. No problem.
Start with Joe McCauley's history of pro tennis (I discovered that he put the Kooyong final event of 1959 under 1960 by mistake. The dates should be December 25 to January 1, 1960, the final played on New Year's Day 1960).

Here are the player accomplishments for 1959:

1) Hoad: won 6 tournaments on the 14 tournament championship series (funded by Ampol and Qantas) including Australian Pro at Adelaide, Forest Hills Pro, Kooyong
record of 42 to 20 on American championship tour, including 15 to 13 against Gonzales

2) Gonzales: won 4 tournaments on championship series, including Sydney (twice), L.A. Masters, Toronto
won American tour with 47 to 15 record
won unaccredited US Pro at Cleveland

3) Rosewall: won two tournaments on championship series, at Brisbane

4) Sedgman: won Kooyong in Jan. 1959 on championship series
won tours of New Zealand, European Grand Prix, South Africa

5) Trabert: won Roland Garros on championship series

6) Anderson: won Wembley Indoor (outside championship series)

7) Segura: won Tel Aviv

Cooper: won Slazenger (Eastbourne) (outside championship series)

9) Rose: played at Forest Hills Pro, others
defeated Sedgman at Wagga Wagga, NSW
defeated Hartwig in Australian Pro at Adelaide
lost to Hoad in Australian Pro 6-8, 14-12, 6-4
defeated Giammalva at Forest Hills Pro 16-14, 6-0
defeated Remy at Roland Garros Pro 3-6, 6-4, 6-0, 6-4
defeated Bottke at Wembley Pro 6-3, 6-1
defeated Anderson at Tel Aviv
defeated Segura at Brisbane

10) Hartwig: defeated Hoad at Perth 6-4, 6-1 (Hoad won tournament)

11) Giammalva: played at Forest Hills Pro
won Southern Pro Grasscourt, defeating both Budge and Riggs

12) McGregor: played Australian portion of tour
defeated Anderson head-to-head series, 3 matches to 0

There were no easy matches on this tour.

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