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Originally Posted by VaththalKuzhambu View Post
Have a sob story behind me getting into tennis. I grew up in a location where tennis facilities were affordable / reserved / restricted to the upper echelons of society. I would walk past the court almost everyday and watch bald, obese, 40-something and 50-something men struggle to keep the ball in the court despite the 10-foot fence on all 4 sides. I have even been asked to pick up balls from the road and return them to court several times. At that time I longed to set foot into the court and feel the clay surface and even hold and feel a racquet.

Never got the chance until the age of 23, having moved to the US, when my then-girlfriend, current-wife dragged me to the court one summer evening out of boredom. A couple of Walmart Wilson racquets and a few used balls scoured out of the woods behind the courts is what I started out with. Two weeks later I came across a 110 sq. in, 3-grip-sizes larger racquet at TJ Maxx's, of all the places. Played with that racquet for a year until someone I met at a pick-up-courts explained to me that racquets come in different head and grip sizes.

In the last 10 years since then, my wife has wished several times that she had not dragged me to the court that fateful evening.
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