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I am the same age as Mac and I can tell you from experience that poly is hard on our middle-aged elbows. Gut works for Mac and poly/Luxilon does not for feel reasons too. Not many players in our age group are going to be happy using Poly or Lux in my opinion. It is just too hard on our body. The hybrid string jobs help to soften it some, but not completely.
I'm around that age and still hit the ball almost as hard as anyone. No question that I play best with a full bed of Lux. Also, no question that it is harder on my arm than multis, gut, or gut hybrids. I'm still experimenting with gut hybrids. They can do some amazing things in terms of spin and/or speed, but I haven't really gotten comfortable with them so that I know what the respose is going to be. A pro may be able to adjust much quicker, but also may be more sensitive to the differences and may not want to take the time to adjust himself and the racket to each other. If their arms can take it, I would think that most would use the polyester.
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