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Originally Posted by SunshineJS View Post
You were Dynamically bumped up... not DQ'd. There's a difference. When you are playing as a 4.0s in a 4.5 league and you get bumped up mid season to a 4.5 based on results, then you stay as a 4.5s. If you get DQd as a 4.5s in a 4.5 league then you can no longer compete, your scroes are reversed and you will be a benchmark player the following year-end cycle. Big diffence in terms of "DQs".
I was DQ'd ... here is a section of the letter I recieved from USTA with (The X's are put in by me)


During USTA League Tennis (Adult and Senior Divisions) local league competition and at every level of championship competition below national championships, computer ratings are calculated for all players to determine if any players have reached the disqualification criteria using the USTA NTRP Computer Rating System Procedures. Players are disqualified if they reach the disqualification level three times based on all Adult and Senior Division matches reported in the national database.

Your match results to date have resulted in three computer ratings at the disqualification level for the X.X level. Beginning today, you must now participate at the X.X level (or higher) in USTA League Tennis (Adult, Senior, Mixed Doubles, Super Seniors), Combo Doubles, and/or USTA sanctioned NTRP Tournaments.

2.04E(1) Local (removed for length)

According to these procedures, there is no match penalty in your disqualification.

The sole basis for an appeal to a NTRP Disqualification is missing or incorrect match data.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

XXXX XXXXX, State League Coordinator
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