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Originally Posted by jatnut View Post
Its the 198+ old IMF grafil MAX 200G that has the strategical position grommets in the side and throat. I have seen tubing generally used in 12 of the head holes and 4 of the throat.
The shared hole grommets on one of the racquets are cracked so I ordered both fittex individual grommets as well as tubing but its going to take about 2 weeks at least for me to get it and I have some racquets that need restringing by the weekend.
Ah, that version I am not familiar with (after some google searching, I see what you mean). I'd have to see it in person to give it a blessing, but the version I had for a short while had no grommets to my recollection. If the 'strategic' (corner)/shared holes were drilled, then all bets are off. If they are constructed in the same way as the rest of the grommets, I'd say no problem.

In short: I have no idea.
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