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when I was 5 my dad went to play at an indoor club in my hometown with a few of his university friends. he brought me along because my mom was busy so he just had me sit on the bench and watch them for two hours. I kept bugging him to let me play but he never did. didn't actually touch a racquet until my early teens, when I got into it after watching epic matches at the US Open (el aynaoui vs moya & pete vs andre in 2002) and Wimbledon (Federer's finals in 03 and 04)

funny enough, I ended up becoming friends with a girl from my hometown who is roughly my age and became a WTA pro (she's around #130 in singles and #35 in doubles). we talked once about how she got started (dad was a pro soccer player, mom was a pro volleyball player, she was kind of forced into playing tennis when she was 4 or 5) and my missed connection with the game. turned out she's a bit jealous that I had a normal life - school, friends, job, etc. while I'm obviously very envious that she gets to travel the world and play tennis for a living. guess that's life.
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