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Originally Posted by heycal View Post
I actually spend a lot of time in an easy chair, working on a laptop on my lap, resting on top of a pillow. (This used to be done with a leg crossed, usually the right over the left, but now I'll try to change that.) Perhaps a wedge pillow -- which I think is where your knees are forced lower than your hips -- wouldn't work in this situation?
I would never work for a prolonged time with a laptop on my lap. I work (and spend time on the internet) with a keyboard on a table, and the bottom of my screen lifted about 20 cm from the table. And sitting on an office chair, which can tilt foreward, so I dont need the wedge here. Just my 2c.
Easy chair with a lap top on the lap sounds like a very bad idea for the back, and I do not think a wedge pillow could fix it. I can not see how you can avoid hunching in that situation/setup.
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