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Originally Posted by boramiNYC View Post

make sure to cross both sides. learn how to control your pelvis angles and balance. if you tend to tilt back a lot consciously tilt forward. move and stretch the pelvis a lot in all six directions. rotate left and right, tilt front and back, tilt to each side. and all the combinations of two and three directions..
Do you basically mean lean side to side and back and forth, etc, or is their some benefit to consciously initiating the action with the pelvis?

Originally Posted by Povl Carstensen View Post
Easy chair with a lap top on the lap sounds like a very bad idea for the back, and I do not think a wedge pillow could fix it. I can not see how you can avoid hunching in that situation/setup.
You may be right. When I first sit down, I make sure to get my low back in a good position with lumbar support, but I often realize I am leaning forward from the shoulders to read the screen or type. So perhaps even if the lower back seemingly has good support, the action of leaning forward a bit from the head and shoulders cause strain on it?

(Also, working on a laptop gets trickier once you need reading glasses, as I do.)
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