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I am starting to think, that the 11.5 I got is just too big. I am thinking the new Propulse 4 fits more like the SFX that I wear an 11 in..... I have worn 11.5 in every incarnation of the Propulse, so I felt pretty confident in requesting 11.5 for the playtest. Kinda sucks.
Sad, but test shoes are too big after all. I tried on a size 11, and it fits. Like I said, I have worn 11.5s in EVERY previous Propulse, so I was confident in requesting the 11.5. Babolat is on a trend of making their shoes roomier, a la the SFX which runs huge. I think the reason most everyone is saying that double sox and thickest Thorlos are required is that the Propulse 4 runs bigger than the recommendation is to order a half size smaller in the 4 than you wore in the 3.
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