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Originally Posted by corbind View Post
Are you mostly recovered now from your injury of fully recovered?
Hey all,

Terrible day today. Got the yips for the first time in probably 5 years. It was such a rookie mistake on my part. We warmed up for way longer then usual as he had a court booked before ours, and we practised using practise balls. As per rules of the league, it's pretty standard to use a fresh can for the match. Here's where it all went to hell. All I had with me were fresh Penn Marathons. For those of you that don't know, they are the fastest ball made right now that we can get our hands on, and I'm at a 3000ft elevation. Needless to say they are like lightning. We end up switching from the half dead US Opens, to these evil balls, and it was like the game suddenly got a million times harder.

I quickly go down 3-0, as he breaks. Yips are in full effect by the 4th game. My hands are literally shaking from what I assume is nervousness, (YIPS), and I can barely serve. Then, if that wasn't bad enough, I twinge my shoulder. It's nothing huge, but I got very panicked about injuring it again, and resorted to hitting ugly topspin serves. Double fault away the next service game, and I'm down 4-0. The guy hits the weirdest "pancake" serve I've ever seen, and places it decently well. I was so far gone mentally that he quickly closed out 6-0.

Since we're first to 11, he wins the match by default. Nice enough guy to deal with, and we finish the next 5 games in a blur as he closes out 11-0.

So there's my story of the yips. I haven't ever gotten so nervous playing tennis before, I don't know what happened.

On the upside: A few hours later the NCAA Div 1 chair tennis player I hit with last week, offered to hit again. It was waaaaay more fun and I ended my day on a great note. We were tied at 3 games all before we ran out of court time. It's honestly the most fun I've had playing in a while, as he hits just a perfect ball to line up with mine.

Anywho to answer questions!

I'm at probably 70-80% depending on the day. My serves are fine when I'm stretched out and warm, but warming up is still a bit tender. Not the greatest sign, but it's improvement from where I was last month, where hitting above my shoulder caused massive throbbing pain. I have the pain in the middle of my shoulder blade / rotator cuff. It's just ugly. Thanks to CharlieFederer however, it's showing signs of improvement.

The shoulder is affecting my mental game more then anything though. I become afraid to really swing out on my serves for on the off chance it will pinch again. I think the Yips was a pretty good sign of that today.


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