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I actually got my original ratios from reading a book called "The Testosterone Advantage Plan" which i also recommend. The super fast results inspired me to keep going. After a few months I developed a feel for ratios day by day depending on exertion level. I actually don't pay much attention to the ratios in the app anymore, but it taught me which foods and ratios gave me different energy levels.
Hi Pbarrow, i am interested in this book.I also saw the author has 2 other books..the hard body workout plan and new rules..I am 62, 5'9" 175lbs and do resistance training for upper 2 days a week and occasional squats without weights.i stopped doing cardio last year.i am in good shape though I would like to be better but am afraid too much weightlifting will hurt my tennis/lower back history among some other things..Do you think it's good for my email is if you can give me some detailed info,,thanks
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