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Originally Posted by Sanglier View Post
I am a little surprised that this model appears to have flown under the radar somehow. My '95 edition Kuebler gives the impression that Yamaha's YFG model numbering system was at least partially based on head sizes (e.g., YFG-20= 20% more face area than a standard head), and that in addition to all the model numbers that ended in "0", they also produced a few frames with model numbers that ended in "5" (i.e., YFG-45, YFG-65, YFG-75). As my YFG-15 has the exact same head size as the YFG-30*, I am having some serious reservation that size was a major factor in Yamaha's numbering system.
Yeah, that runs contrary to my memory, too. My first "real" tennis racket came down to a choice of which of those insanely cool-looking Yamahas I could afford*, and the YFG-20, YFG-30, YFG-50, and YGR-70 were all the same head size as every other racket was – except for a granny stick that no one took seriously, called the "Prince" or something.

The 45, 65, and 75 I remember as coming later, in the early 80's, when every racket company was getting into the bigger head market at around 85 sq in, just under the bottom end of the Prince patent's head size range.

I never heard of the YFG-15 before today, though. I can't see it coming later when larger head sizes were taking over; seems like it must be a precursor or a non-U.S. market contemporary of the 20, 30, etc.

* It was the black & white YFG-30. God, I treasured that thing.
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