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Hi Pbarrow, i am interested in this book.I also saw the author has 2 other books..the hard body workout plan and new rules..I am 62, 5'9" 175lbs and do resistance training for upper 2 days a week and occasional squats without weights.i stopped doing cardio last year.i am in good shape though I would like to be better but am afraid too much weightlifting will hurt my tennis/lower back history among some other things..Do you think it's good for my email is if you can give me some detailed info,,thanks
Hi comeback. Not familiar with the other books but I will look them up, thanks. I can only speak from personal experience, but the weight lifting has helped my tennis and fitness a lot and I feel great. I am hoping the training will keep me injury free this season. My back is healthy so I have no experience there. I do have shoulder and knee problems from my past, and the weight letting seems to have improved not degraded those issues (I am very careful, for example I only do assisted pull-ups). I think it would be an excellent idea to hire a trainer for a session or two to help you design a lifting program that is suitable for your age and back condition. I hope you get the same results, let me know if you have any specific questions.
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