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I got involved due to family maternal grandfather played pro tennis after WWI and thru out the 1920's - played all the big events - RG, Monte Carlo, Wimby......tournaments in Spain, Canada. My family (his sister) then much later owned the TENNIS QUICK company that is a tennis court surface product (still in existence) that we owned for quite a few years. Our family also owned a construction firm, a Hotel and restaurants and TENNIS QUICK as it expanded in the 60s and 70s we were always around tennis courts and pros. Tennis Quick still going strong and found all over Europe, The Caribe (part of my family settled in Guadeloupe and set up a construction company there and in St Martin/St Maarten where my cousin owns some jewelry stores - yes so if any of you ever get to St Martin/ St Maarten or Guadeloupe check out Carat Jewelers and by yourself a Rolex or Breitling and your wife/girlfriend a diamond and say hi to Rene!)

My grandfather started teaching me to play in the mid 60s when I was 5 and we were lucky to go to all the major tennis events........every year we hit Wimby, RG, USO, Newport, Houston......he still played in Sr events as well until he was almost 90.
When the family immigrated from Europe to NY my parents settled in Forest Hills and along with being 6 blocks from Westside I was sent to play at Port Washington Tennis when I was 10 as did my brothers - led to Jr tennis here, ITF events overseas and finally college tennis. After 2 tough yrs trying the tour found a great job with the WCT and then some coaching players and at a US D1 school - some work with the ATP and finally a few years working at the FFT in France before finally moving back to the states.

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