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Been hybriding for last 6+ years. For last year, i have been using lots of syn gut mains/poly cross and multi mains/poly cross and I really like this setup. I get feel and softness from the multi with added control and spin from the poly. I call this the poor mans Federer setup which is gut mains/poly cross. I have played gut mains/poly cross many times and love it but too expensive. Currently using NRG2 17G multi mains 51 lbs/TF RuffCode 17G poly 47 lbs and I really like it - very good for first 8-10 hours. Then OK until multi bites the dust around 14-15 hours.

I did use poly mains/multi cross a lot in my previous racket where I wanted to tone down the rackets inherit power a bit.

I think if you are an all court player that volleys a fair amount, the best setups are 1. gut/poly, 2. multi/poly, and 3. syn gut/poly. The softer mains provide much better feel at net.

If you depend on a power baseline game or you really need to tone down the power level of your racket, the best setups are 1. poly/multi, and 2. poly/syn gut. If you are rich, poly/gut, but this is a waste of gut for most of us as the the mains determine approximately 75% of a rackets feel.

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