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Another frustrating thing I find, and perhaps others do as well, is that many of these back programs consitute of an orderly progression of exercises, from easy to hard, as time goes on and you supposedly strengthen and heal. They seem to assume that A leads to B leads to C.

For example, many will say "once you have the strength to do that exercise without a problem or pain, move on to the next level". But I can already do most of the exercises at the hardest level without difficulty.

The problem isn't a case of needing to get stronger and fitter to do the next level up, it's removing every aches and pains, and the exercises often don't seem to have much relationship with the pain.

For example, how is being able to do 50 "triple tri transverse" or whatever some fancy exercise is called supposed to do make my back feel better when I'm sitting or sleeping? Answer: It doesn't.
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